Ode to my running partners!

Another solid training week for me, yay, I am finally getting all the runs in. Well my long run didn’t really happen but miles where done. I  mentioned  before that I run with two awesome running partners, one is my best friend and the other is a really good friend. I mean when you run long distances and go away to run races together you become close.

Soup is my bestie, yes I really do call her Soup, nickname and my kids even call her that. I wonder if they know her for real name is Sara. Anyway her husband is in the navy and when he isn’t home or deployed she can’t run with me. It’s not her fault but she is one awesome person. I don’t know how she does it all but she is a rock star in my books. Mom of the year, bestie of the year, and overall great person. We are getting closer to races we will run together so yay,,hopefully this also means we will do weekend runs together too.

Tiffany is my running partner since we ran our first half marathon. So we are working on 3 yrs of running together. Tiffany is also a good 8 yrs younger then me but our partnership works. She pushes me to go harder, she is a hell of a lot faster then I am when we run separate. Like a whole lot faster. Well my fast friend has been injured. One weekend she was fine and the next not so much. When we run I’m usually the one who needs to stop and stretch, when she had to stop, I knew something was wrong. So she has been out and then on top of that some other ailments creeped up this past weekend.

I didn’t have a partner to run with this past weekend and was scheduled to run 7 miles. For some reason 7 miles is a cursed distance so I needed a partner.  I was going to run with a coworker but that didn’t work out either, so I had to figure out what to do. I figured I was going to do 6 Saturday and then do a short run Sunday, well I got to 2 miles and was struggling. I made it 4 and came home to text my partners. Of course I have to keep them in the loop. I got encouraging messages back from them but wish they were running with me. I got 5 more miles on Sunday and did some more texting. So while they weren’t physically with me they were there and that’s why they both rock.

So thank you Soup and Tiffany you help me more then you know!! I can’t wait till we all run together again. I miss our TigerTeam!

Do you run with a partner? Why do or don’t you?


From L to R: Soup, me and Tiffany post RnR Philly Half Marathon. Wasn’t a great race for me but luckily my partners got me to the finish line. Do not take cold meds before a race, unless you know how they will affect you!



L to R: Tiffany, Me and Soup. We are running the Gettysburg Blue and Gray Half Marathon. A small race but I loved it.


Frederick 10 miler, Cherry Blossom and more…

Back in November I told myself next year I will run one race a month and work on sticking to training plans and get good runs in. I knew I wanted to tackle a 10 miler this year and found the perfect one. I wanted to run it last year but I got injured and couldn’t. So I was ready, Frederick 10 miler at the end of March, perfect!  Well this little thing called the Cherry Blossom 10 miler lottery came up in my twitter feed and I was like ok what are the odds I get in? I will try and if I don’t get it no big deal I have a smaller more local 10 miler I can do. Turns out I got in, so yay, at this point I was still sticking to my one race a month, so go me. Small catch is now I will be running two 10 milers back to back weekends, ah I have done two half marathons I can surely handle this.


My training plan…working on perfecting how to keep track of everything!

Then thanks again to Twitter, a Groupon came up for a cheap local 10k race that I have been running for the past two years in honor of my mom. Its always near her birthday.  I thought it was going to be nice and cheap, well  it sold out by the time I was getting ready to buy. Now  the only way to get  deal was then to register for a three race challenge. Ok I am in, another great price on races I was already planning on running. Here in lies the problem. That just added a 5k in March and a 10k in April. I am breaking my own rule on one race per month. I went from racing March 30 and April 6th to now running races March 16th, March 30th, April 6th and April 12th. Uh-oh, fail on my promise of training smartly and running. I am still trying to train as smartly as I can but this winter weather isn’t always making this so easy.  I have tried to do as much running as possible outside but sometimes that isn’t possible. Plus limited access to a treadmill makes getting runs in. I won’t even get into how my running partners either can’t run with me or are injured. So I am struggling. This was suppose to be the winter where I train without getting injured and  be able to train. Ahh, it just seems like it is always something. Oh well. I shouldn’t complain. My plan for Frederick 1o is to finish and have a stronger Cherry Blossom!

How do you balance your race calendar? How do you keep track of your training? 

The final snow day?!?!


So it has happened again, another snow day. Will this be the last one? Who knows, I surely don’t and at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another one. So far this winter we have had snow, ice, below freezing temperatures, wind, rain, freezing rain, thunderstorms, oh and throw in some above average temps a couple weekend ago we have seen it all. Since I work in a school, I have had one full week of school with no delays this past week since before winter break  (that was in mid December). Now don’t get me wrong I love the snow and winter and I love that my children have had a wonderful winter experience but I am done. We have had a lot of time together and I am ready to get back to some normalcy.

Since we had yet another snow day today, and I know we are having a delayed opening tomorrow I thought I would summarize what we have done on all these days off. To be honest  don’t know how many days its been but its been enough.

So here is the run down

We played in the snow, ok the kids did, I watched and took the pictures

We made snowmen, ok I supplied the mittens and hat

We made Snow Ice Cream- yum!20140303-214347.jpg

We went sledding- we all enjoyed this fun!

We made forts inside

We played with toys


We read book

We watched tv and movies

We colored the snow with squirt bottles filled with food coloring and water

We napped

We all did some screaming….hey it happens.

We had fun, but we also missed work and school, friends and colleagues, running outside and leaving the house. So with all that said its time for winter to go.  Come on spring and playing outside with out a million layers


I will also admit, I love tv, some of the big snow days happened while the Olympics were on, it was a dream come true to me. I have also watched a ton of tv shows,  found more shows to binge watch but I have watched too much.

What fun have you done in the snow? Are you done with winter yet?

Four things I thankful for

Seems like forever since I blogged for real but this is my second post of the week! Today for thankful Thursday I have picked four things that have helped me this week. On Tuesday our house got broken into and that is what drives this post.

1: My family- my kids, my husband and my dad who lives near by. It’s very unsettling knowing your own home was broken into by someone you don’t know.  I am so thankful my dad lives near by and let me bring the kids over to get them away from the unpleasant scenario while my husband and I dealt with the mess.


My bed, they just dumped everything on my bed, while the person did take some jewelry they didn’t take much. I am just bummed that a ring I was planning on passing down to my daughter was one item.

2: My friends- I have my best friend who pretty much rocks, my coworkers also who totally rock and my runner partner. Seriously when your feeling down about anything they have all been there to make me smile and laugh. Today one co workers brought me two small sandwich bags of coins for my kids. (the intruder broke my kids piggy banks and stole their money, who steals from kids??)


This kids piggy banks smashed. Oh and my broken brush. Honestly who steals money from kids?? My co worker has supplied new coins and that made me super happy this morning!

3: Social media- Seems to cheesy to say but with out Twitter and Instagram I wouldn’t have the motivation to get out and run, and better myself. 

4: Running- While I got the initial bad news about my house being broken into on a run, I was able to have a kick ass run date with my hubby today. I love that we can do this together, we needed it this week and I am thankful we had the time to do it.


Post run smiles. While I love to take post run selfies, my husband is not always a fan but he was more then willing to provide a nice smile for me today! He pretty much rocks!

What do you have to be thankful for this week??

Great week of training…finally!!

Last week was probably the best week inky 10 miler training so far. The weather finally allowed me to run outside all 4 times, my schedule was good, and I actually wanted to run. It’s kinda sad the a month into 10 miler training I had a good week.


Even with all the snow on my running path, I was able to run in short sleeves!!

I’m not gonna lie…this winter has been rough, I have had like zero motivation to get my runs in but I keep at it. I know this means I have no right to get pissed when my race doesn’t go as planned but I am still working at this whole thing. Ok yes, this is my 3 yr of running, I have trained for several races, but this is the first winter where I haven’t been injured. So getting into longer miles during the winter has been rough. Plus my running partners have been either injured themselves or can’t come because no one to watch the kids. I mean seriously woah is me. Haha. Oh well hopefully with this good week behind me, I will continue to be just as successful.

How do you get over a training slump??

Thankful Thursday!

Haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought some thankful thoughts would be a way to get back into the swing of things. These are in no particular order but today I have a whole bunch of random things I am grateful/ thankful for!

I am thankful for work. We had a snow day yesterday (actually its was more of an ice day) but I don’t even know the last time we have made it through a week of school without a delay or day off. This winter has been a bit brutal. We have had 5 days off work so far and its just the beginning of February.

I am thankful for my hair cut. I got  my hair cut for the first time since June, and it felt amazing. Little bummed it wasn’t from my normal stylist, she is currently out on maternity leave but my hair is so much healthier now!

I am thankful for the Olympics.  Yay the Olympics starts tonight and I am exicted to watch. I have always loved watching then and was very fortunate to go the the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

I am thankful for running. This week I was able to get two runs outside. This crazy weather has made my weekday runs tricky. I love getting outside and feel the wind in my face, makes me feel alive.

So that’s it. A few things that have made my week. I am looking forward to another relaxing weekend, no big plans.

What are you thankful for??

Seeing yourself in your Daughter

I have this amazing daughter that I love with all my heart but it absolutely kills me that she is struggling in school. It’s not because she is struggling but it’s the fact  she gets it from me. I had a very hard time in school, I spent endless hours crying over work, and saying I wasn’t smart enough and it’s the one thing I wish she didn’t get for me. Most of you would probably not even know I struggled in school but its probably one of my biggest insecurities I have about myself.

Lilly has the most wonderful teacher and has met with us several time about ways to help her so I know she is doing ok and making improvements but it’s hard to see. This morning I sat and  watched her get a speech evaluation, and I could see her get frustrated, and annoyed and wonder why this is all happening. I also saw moments of brilliance and pride. After this is all done I know she won’t even think about it. She probably had the most wonderful day at school, playing with her friends and I probably won’t  here another thing about it until we have to go back on Wednesday to finish up, but it was still hard to watch.

So for now I just wait, and let my awesome daughter enjoy her time at school, because she loves it, she wants to go all the time, she loves that she gets special tutoring, she loves that I spend extra time with her helping her read, she is great, so I need to stop obsessing about her and continue to praise what an awesome 6 year old daughter I have. She is not me and while I see lots of myself in her, she is her own person. Rock on Lilly because I know you will!!


I was able to watch through a two way mirror.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Do you see yourself in your child?

Cleaning out my old bedroom

To summarize, my dad is having his girlfriend move in with him. Us four kids haven’t lived in that house in years, it really hasn’t changes all that much from when I moved out to when my mother died 5 years ago. So with the new girlfriend moving in, we had all been asked to come over get what we would want and the rest would be taken care of.

I will say the email to us telling us his girlfriend was moving in was a bit shocking I would have loved a phone call, but I have no problem with her moving in. Let’s face it, she make him happy, it’s a huge house and needs someone in there to make some changes. I will be a little selfish and say I want the house, but looks like I have a few more years until that’s gonna happen :/

Like I said before I haven lived in that house in years, a good 12 years and really it was a good 4 years before that. So things that were in my closest not anything I can currently wear, including my beloved Doc Martens, things in my desk, were old, papers, letters and magazines from high school. It was a huge trip down memory lane. I laughed and welled up a little bit. I found letters my mom wrote to me, I found pictures from the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, I found college pictures, I found a notebook full of quotes, lots of useless information and numbers to boys I don’t even remember. Who keeps calendars from 1994-1997?? That being said, I packed up a box worth of stuff and said good bye to the old me. Sounds so cliche, but I not that person anymore. I have my own family, a house full of all my stuff and a life that’s full of new passions.alg-dr-martens-jpg

Whenever I got to my parents old house I will refer to my dads gf’s office as my bedroom, I will probably totally weirded out when I see it all transformed but it was bound to happen. I guess it’s all about growing up and moving on. I am happy to say I have taken some memorable things from my bedroom along with crazy things that just make me laugh. I am going to get three pieces of furniture from this move too. The desk that was in my room and some items that where in my one brothers room. So all in all this is a good thing for my dad.

Some questions for you. Have you had to do this? What do you do with your old things? Do you have a hope chest?


So I have been working on getting more organized. Part of the process is to cook dinner. I seriously hate cooking. I don’t get any enjoyment out of this at all but we need to eat. So naturally I have found a whole bunch of easy recipes that aren’t the healthiest. After talking to my hubby we are going to try and overall our meals. I have to get over my hatred of cooking.

If I want to be healthy then I have to make changes. So over then next couple of months I will be trying new recipes. I’m taking it slow so I don’t overwhelm myself and kill my grocery bill.

A few things I hope to start making are smoothies in the morning, using more quinoa, expanding my use of different veggies.


So here’s my question for you? How do you find healthy easy meals? What are your go to’s? Links to recipes would be welcomed 🙂

She is 6 years old!

Happy Birthday to my Lilly Bean! I can’t believe she is 6 today. She is an amazing little girl, who is so talented in her own little way. I could not be happier! Here is to the birthday girl, look how much you have grown!

She looks so little, but she was 9 lb. 2 oz!

She looks so little, but she was 9 lb. 2 oz!

1st Birthday, she as walking and having a good ole time!

1st Birthday, she as walking and having a good ole time!

2 years old and acting so grown up!

2 years old and acting so grown up!

Nothing better then celebrating your birthday in a Ravens jersey! We love Ray Rice!

Nothing better then celebrating your birthday in a Ravens jersey! We love Ray Rice!

4th birthday party bowling with her friend Alex. Adorable!!

4th birthday party she wanted to go bowling so we did! Hanging out with her friend Alex. Adorable!!

Morning of her 5th birthday!

Morning of her 5th birthday!

Lilly created this last year, it was in her schools art show! I love this!

Lilly created this last year, it was in her schools art show! I love this!

Happy Birthday Lilly! I hope you have a wonderful day!