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My Staycation!

This past week I had a week off from work, and since we don’t really ever go on vacation I did a staycation with my family. I don’t even know the last time we were all home. So what did I do?? Sunday: I started off with me volunteering for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k. …

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The final snow day?!?!

So it has happened again, another snow day. Will this be the last one? Who knows, I surely don’t and at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another one. So far this winter we have had snow, ice, below freezing temperatures, wind, rain, freezing rain, thunderstorms, oh and throw in some …

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Seeing yourself in your Daughter

I have this amazing daughter that I love with all my heart but it absolutely kills me that she is struggling in school. It’s not because she is struggling but it’s the fact ¬†she gets it from me. I had a very hard time in school, I spent endless hours crying over work, and saying …

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