Where have I been??

So another month has passed by and no blogging for me. What the heck happened? Here is the short and sweet of it I got injured, I didn’t run,  I did run, I got injured again, I did run a 10 miler and finished another school year.

Here is the down low on the injury that I know of. Way back in March I was at work wearing my dansko clogs, because they are my supportive shoe to help the PF, well they also cause me to roll over in them. Well I did that and really thought nothing of it. My ankle was a little achy but nothing to be alarmed by. Then comes April and I was on spring break, I was out running with my bestie, and I had just gotten new shoes (Brooks) and we are almost 2 miles into a 5 mile run and I roll my ankle on some horrible large seeds that I call pokey balls. Wham, I am down and I am down for good. We had to walk the almost 2 miles back and then swelling just got worse as the day went on. I stopped running for a week, but needed to get back into some sort of training because I had a 10 miler, 10k and a half all coming up. I managed to run all these races with no problem, just made sure I used KT tape to help support and I was good. It was weird, I was all bruised but no pain while running. I had a tender spot. Then low and behold 4 days after the Frederick Half marathon I did my first training run with ASA ( Athletes Serving Athletes) and 2 miles in my ankle gaves out on me and I am no good. I had to make the extremely hard decision to have my first DNS at the Maryland 5k with ASA that following Saturday. I went to the doctor, got an xray, took three weeks off of running.

These are the cause of al my problems!

These are the cause of all my problems!


Me and my bestie, I just had to add a picture of us 🙂


What my foot looked like for 3 weeks…BOO

Those three weeks, seemed like the longest ever. I walked but rested my ankle. I was not thrilled with this whole no running since I had the Baltimore 10 miler I was looking forward to running. So those three weeks ended I began to run, well sorta, I had lost all sorts of anything I had. I also called an ortho and got an appointment, as directed my primary care physcian. I ran the B10 and while it was the worst 10miler I have run but I finished. All along I knew that I needed an MRI and when the ortho who I saw told me it was no surprise. He did see a little something on the x-rays but needed an MRI to make sure and with these resutls I will hear my outcome. On one hand I am happy to finally get some answers and on the other hand I am watching all my plans for fall running go out the window, which is kind of upsetting. However to be nice and healthy running is what I ultimately want, so whatever the outcome is I will take it.


Post Baltimore 10 miler with the hubby!


This is how I run now, ok I have officially switched back to Saucony. Yes I know these are Brooks, but hey I am trying to get blog post out!

All this happened and I and my kids finished another school year. Yay, and wow how did that happen so fast? Where has the time gone? The transition from winter to spring seemed like an eternity while the jump from spring to summer went so fast! Slow down, I would really like to enjoy my time with my family!

 So what have you all been up to? 


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  1. Wow, sounds like you’ve had a crazy spring! I do feel for you – I had a stress fx that derailed my running for 5 months last year. Keep your chin up and do whatever cross training you can. It’s not the same, but it does help to keep your mind in the game. I hope you’re able to enjoy some extra time with your kids this summer while you’re healing!

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