Oh that’s right I have a blog!

Huge blog fail. It all started when I had to do a recap for Cherry Blossom 10 miler…yup that didn’t happen. So later this week look for that recap in pictures followed by my Sole of the City 10k recap in pictures.

So now it’s May and I’m starting fresh. I think I need a better plan for blogging. Old plan didn’t work.

What’s a blog post without any pictures. Just a few pics of my kiddos, because I think they are cute!! These are from our trip to the zoo Easter morning.


Lilly collecting eggs!


Cole tried to hold all his eggs but needed some assistance from dad.

How do you plan blog posts?? Do you make sure you post x amount during the week?



  1. I picked two themes I do a week – Motivational Monday & Thankful Thursday – so I get two posts in a week that can be written ahead of time and posted automatically. Then I throw in {at least I try!} a couple more personal, here’s what’s happening now posts a week. Or not. Some weeks I just get my two themes in. If you can blog ahead of time & have it post automatically, that is really helpful because then you can write when you are inspired, then spread them out over a couple weeks.

    Those are a couple of adorable kiddos! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • thanks for the feedback!

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