Mission 10 Miler

Race number two of the year! Lets go back to two Sundays ago, I ran a pretty awesome 8 miles and while I knew I could get to 10 miles I knew it wasn’t going to be my best attempt. Race week, what happened I didn’t run once, OMG, what! I have never done that. I didn’t want to run in the rain so I didn’t, I didn’t want to run because work kicked my rear, I didn’t want to run because sometimes being a women sucks, get the picture I didn’t want to run. Never good going into a race week. Last Tuesday, the race director sent and email, subject “Sunny and 60…” um I do believe that email jinxed everything!

Race day weather was not 60 and sunny at all. Starting Friday its time to check the weather for race day. Yup, it wasn’t looking good. 60% chance of rain and mid 40’s, not too terrible but not ideal. Saturday it poured pretty much the entire day and the forecast for the 2pm start time on Sunday was 40’s with a feels like 30 and 90% rain. Guess what… that’s what happened and more. Driving from Baltimore to Frederick takes about an hour and I was getting tweets from friends it was hailing! WTF?? I was already questioning what I was about to do but since my running partner is driving me and spectating I had to run. I am also that stubborn! I make up my mind and yup its going to happen.

The race is only in its third year, so its small. They did offer packet pick up day of the race, which is nice because I didn’t want to drive just get my bib and shirt to turn around and go back the next day. Ok back to the race. On my ride to the race, my twitter was blowing up with my tweeps informing they were there or almost there and how awful it was outside. I wasn’t pumped but once I got there I got the and feel of race time excitement. Come on I know you all get that feeling! I ran to the tent in the rain, picked up my bib and timing chip and meet up with Tracey and Becky. Tracey and I work together and Becky and I have been on friends on Twitter but this was the first time meeting. Naturally we had to complain about the weather and then we all enjoyed looking at our Sparkle Athletic Skirts. We rocked them!  I wasn’t in my running shoes I had to go back to the car and change and make a decision on my clothes. It was pouring and I didn’t think my light pull over was a right decision, so I kept my windbreaker/ rain coat on and if at 5 miles I was to hot or whatever I would give it to Tiffany.  I took my ENERGYbits and changed my shoes and I went back to the tent.


All 550 runners waited until the last-minute to exit the tent, when it was time we lined up and waited for the go. It wasn’t pleasant at all. Down pour and it was windy and cold. It had been sleeting but honesty I didn’t even care, I knew I was going to get wet so I just went with it.


In my head I was hoping for 1:45 time but after the first mile I was going to be ok with any sub 2hr. I had decided that I would walk at water stops but the first one came up so quickly I wasn’t ready to walk so I skipped it but made sure I thanked the volunteers. I took my first walk break about 2.65 miles and at 3 miles and I was soaked and cold. I decided I would take water at the next stop and walk next at five-mile mark. Tiffany mentioned she would see me at mile 5 but when I got to the turn around I didn’t see her. I was going to take the rest of my ENERGYbits at the half way point too. Well the nice wonderful tin they come in isn’t easy to open when you are soaked and hands don’t work. I grabbed water thinking it wouldn’t be a problem but I was struggling. So I wasted a good three minutes trying to open the tin. Oh well I got a nice walk break in and I was ready to tackle the second half. I saw Tiffany at mile 6, it was a nice pick me up. I of course liked to smile for the camera but clearly it was a lame attempt, because I was soaked.


The next two miles I kept chasing a women in a red coat, she didn’t know it but she was keeping me on pace. By mile 8.36 I was kind of done. I started walking more than I wanted but cold and wet. I looked at my time on my watch and was presently surprised. I wasn’t far off from where I wanted to be but I knew I wasn’t going to reach my goal time and I was ok with that. Overall I felt great. In case you missed it I really enjoyed trying ENERGYbits and they kept me going with no stomach pain! I got to bridges that I tried to run up but I just couldn’t. I finally saw the final water stop and knew I was close. I did walk through it, but I knew I could make it to the end. I loved the final spectators cheering us runners on.


I saw the checker flags and I had done it. Best part of ending was they called my name…I know its kinda of silly and I thought for sure they wouldn’t know who I was since my number was covered due to my coat still on but my chip must have come up and there I was! I was happy to finish with a chip time of 1:51:13. Mylar blankets were ready and waiting and I had a wonderfully nice man hand me my medal. I managed to get to the tent and all I wanted to be was dry. I got some food, chatted with my friend, waited to see if I could get my official time and headed back to the car. I couldn’t hang out I was so cold. Besides the horrible conditions it was a great race. Friendly volunteers, plenty of food, twitter, FB and email interactions were all very pleasant. I will for sure do this one again, just never again in those conditions!

What has been your worst race conditions?


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  1. Congrats on finishing even though that weather looks nasty.

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