Running Bucket List

During last weekends #runchat a question came up about race bucket lists. If you have never hear of #runchat check this out. My response was I like local races and I don’t have one. However that got me thinking. Should I have a race bucket list?? What races do I need to run?? Should it have marathons, half marathons, 10ks, what should it look like?


I can’t stop thinking about it. With Marine Corps Marathon emailing lottery winners and The Chicago Marathon opening their lottery it’s been on my mind. There are a few races I would love to do but at this point are out because I can’t afford them, so I guess that’s were I should start.

Next I guess it would have to be races that are popular and have a good reputation.

Lastly would probably be international races, hey why not, it’s my race bucket list!

I clearly have lots to think about this, it’s going to be a little project I work on for the remaining of the year. Maybe I should work on my life bucket list too 😉

Do you have a race bucket list? Anything I should check out?



  1. I have a race bucket list but I am constantly adding to it and have no time frame for it whatsoever. Some of them are smaller races, most are marathons but that’s mainly because it’s my favorite race distance. Yes some races (especially big ones) are expensive which is why I typically try and cross off one of those a year or so… not try and tackle them all at once and break the bank. I also have a thing where all my change goes in a jar and all of that goes to “race stuff”- it adds up over time.

    • Love the change going into a jar! I might have to start that!

  2. My list keeps growing and growing… we all need to hit the lottery.

  3. I’ve only run 1 marathon in my life (Disney in 2000) but have run 8 halfs and countless 5K and 10Ks. I would love to add ONE more marathon to my list, and that would be New York. Would also love to run the Maui Half Marahon, only so that I could get to HI. 😉 Plan to run the Savannah Rock N Roll half this fall with some of my girlfriends (moms only trip!). Looking forward to that one just because I love Savannah, GA (I live in FL).

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