Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5k

I ran my first race of the season, and that in its self is very exciting. I go to run downtown Baltimore which I also love and I got to run with one of my running partners. All great things. If you follow me on twitter  you might know I have been having some weird calf pain. I feel like I have knots all in my legs. With some help of #runchat tweeps I was able to get some of them out. A combo of heating and rolling with a lacrosse ball and foam roller have been a big help. SO needless to say all of my runs have been lame. Last week, I had a total of 5 miles, two runs including this race. Not a great week.

I have never run this 5k before, while I have heard it’s a great fun race, I just never really wanted to. One reason its huge, I mean they cap it 5,000 runners and it always sells out! I love to run local but it’s just to many, there are somethings that could make it better but I can now say I ran it and I am ok not doing it again, unless I get a free entry 😉


Waiting at the start, just a few of my closest running friends!

The race started at 1:15, well close enough to 1:15, while it wasn’t an ideal start time it did help I didn’t have to wake up early! I clearly can’t get up early to run these days. When we finally got to the start, I forgot to start my watch, I noticed when we were a good half mile into the race. I wanted to see how my pace was since I had to do a ton of bobbing and weaving. Like I said, tons of runners, which I knew would make my time slower but I was ok with it. Only goal was to finish and not to walk. The first part was down hill too, so it was a quick start.


I was a little late on the draw, I didn’t get my phone out fast enough to see the sea of green going down hill, but here is what I go. Still plenty of green to be seen!

Mile two was uneventful. Running down Key Highway, is flat and kinda boring. I started to feel little pain in the calf but I kept going. By mile three my leg was a hurting, so luckily I had .1 to go and I gave it all I had. So weird thing about this race the finish line was super packed, trying to weave through people at the end is just weird. I didn’t like it, and another reason, I will not run this race again. It shouldn’t be so crowded, I have run a few bigger races and this was just crazy. I don’t know it might have been me and the time we ended was a common time to end a 5k, but like I said not a fan.


Post race smiles. I wore my green, I ran a negative split race, and got a post race Shamrock Shake. All in all it was a good day!

Overall, I did well. Not my fastest 5k time but not my slowest. I ran the whole time, which I was worried about. Clearly I don’t know how I am going to get through my ten miler’s but I will worry about that another day. I would just like spring to come already!

Do you like big races?? Did you run a St. Patrick’s Day race?



  1. I’m glad you said this one felt particularly crowded – it really did! I’ve run much larger races before that didn’t feel this crowded. I kept trying to just zone out while running, but I kept (literally) running into people walking in front of me, which was kind of frustrating. I know with fun runs like these it’s a particular group of people who participate, but as I’m getting more serious with my running, the types of events I’m looking for have changed. This one was fun, but I agree, I don’t think I’ll do this one again.

    • I know what you mean, some people would just stop. I don’t want to knock anyone attempting their first 5k, or the fact they are doing it but they could have used pace group markers or something!

  2. I like to race, but I also like there to be room to move around a bit. Too crowded and I get a bit bothered.

  3. Glad you were able to run the whole thing, I hope your calves start loosening up, I know you said you have been struggling with that. I did a St. Patty’s 5 Mile race on Saturday, fun but always a crowded start. I don’t mind big races but I don’t like doing them all the time, I think there is a lot to be said about running smaller races as well.

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