Ode to my running partners!

Another solid training week for me, yay, I am finally getting all the runs in. Well my long run didn’t really happen but miles where done. I  mentioned  before that I run with two awesome running partners, one is my best friend and the other is a really good friend. I mean when you run long distances and go away to run races together you become close.

Soup is my bestie, yes I really do call her Soup, nickname and my kids even call her that. I wonder if they know her for real name is Sara. Anyway her husband is in the navy and when he isn’t home or deployed she can’t run with me. It’s not her fault but she is one awesome person. I don’t know how she does it all but she is a rock star in my books. Mom of the year, bestie of the year, and overall great person. We are getting closer to races we will run together so yay,,hopefully this also means we will do weekend runs together too.

Tiffany is my running partner since we ran our first half marathon. So we are working on 3 yrs of running together. Tiffany is also a good 8 yrs younger then me but our partnership works. She pushes me to go harder, she is a hell of a lot faster then I am when we run separate. Like a whole lot faster. Well my fast friend has been injured. One weekend she was fine and the next not so much. When we run I’m usually the one who needs to stop and stretch, when she had to stop, I knew something was wrong. So she has been out and then on top of that some other ailments creeped up this past weekend.

I didn’t have a partner to run with this past weekend and was scheduled to run 7 miles. For some reason 7 miles is a cursed distance so I needed a partner.  I was going to run with a coworker but that didn’t work out either, so I had to figure out what to do. I figured I was going to do 6 Saturday and then do a short run Sunday, well I got to 2 miles and was struggling. I made it 4 and came home to text my partners. Of course I have to keep them in the loop. I got encouraging messages back from them but wish they were running with me. I got 5 more miles on Sunday and did some more texting. So while they weren’t physically with me they were there and that’s why they both rock.

So thank you Soup and Tiffany you help me more then you know!! I can’t wait till we all run together again. I miss our TigerTeam!

Do you run with a partner? Why do or don’t you?


From L to R: Soup, me and Tiffany post RnR Philly Half Marathon. Wasn’t a great race for me but luckily my partners got me to the finish line. Do not take cold meds before a race, unless you know how they will affect you!



L to R: Tiffany, Me and Soup. We are running the Gettysburg Blue and Gray Half Marathon. A small race but I loved it.


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  1. jenereesa

    Fun! I have a few running partners that cycle, depending on where I’m running and what race I’m doing. Trying to talk my new pup into thinking that running with me is fun – so far she doesn’t seem all that impressed. 😉

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