Frederick 10 miler, Cherry Blossom and more…

Back in November I told myself next year I will run one race a month and work on sticking to training plans and get good runs in. I knew I wanted to tackle a 10 miler this year and found the perfect one. I wanted to run it last year but I got injured and couldn’t. So I was ready, Frederick 10 miler at the end of March, perfect!  Well this little thing called the Cherry Blossom 10 miler lottery came up in my twitter feed and I was like ok what are the odds I get in? I will try and if I don’t get it no big deal I have a smaller more local 10 miler I can do. Turns out I got in, so yay, at this point I was still sticking to my one race a month, so go me. Small catch is now I will be running two 10 milers back to back weekends, ah I have done two half marathons I can surely handle this.


My training plan…working on perfecting how to keep track of everything!

Then thanks again to Twitter, a Groupon came up for a cheap local 10k race that I have been running for the past two years in honor of my mom. Its always near her birthday.  I thought it was going to be nice and cheap, well  it sold out by the time I was getting ready to buy. Now  the only way to get  deal was then to register for a three race challenge. Ok I am in, another great price on races I was already planning on running. Here in lies the problem. That just added a 5k in March and a 10k in April. I am breaking my own rule on one race per month. I went from racing March 30 and April 6th to now running races March 16th, March 30th, April 6th and April 12th. Uh-oh, fail on my promise of training smartly and running. I am still trying to train as smartly as I can but this winter weather isn’t always making this so easy.  I have tried to do as much running as possible outside but sometimes that isn’t possible. Plus limited access to a treadmill makes getting runs in. I won’t even get into how my running partners either can’t run with me or are injured. So I am struggling. This was suppose to be the winter where I train without getting injured and  be able to train. Ahh, it just seems like it is always something. Oh well. I shouldn’t complain. My plan for Frederick 1o is to finish and have a stronger Cherry Blossom!

How do you balance your race calendar? How do you keep track of your training? 



  1. LOL – now I’m looking up the Frederick 10 Miler, even though I’m running a marathon Mar 16 and Cherry Blossom. HAHA – races rock!

  2. I love racing and tend to constantly add to my race schedule I use dailymile to track my workouts but also use RunningAHEAD. Its very nerdy but awesome website that allows you to track all your workouts and even put your training plans in it.

    • I use Dailymile too. I have never heard of runningAHEAD, I will have to check that one out! Thanks!

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