The final snow day?!?!


So it has happened again, another snow day. Will this be the last one? Who knows, I surely don’t and at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another one. So far this winter we have had snow, ice, below freezing temperatures, wind, rain, freezing rain, thunderstorms, oh and throw in some above average temps a couple weekend ago we have seen it all. Since I work in a school, I have had one full week of school with no delays this past week since before winter break  (that was in mid December). Now don’t get me wrong I love the snow and winter and I love that my children have had a wonderful winter experience but I am done. We have had a lot of time together and I am ready to get back to some normalcy.

Since we had yet another snow day today, and I know we are having a delayed opening tomorrow I thought I would summarize what we have done on all these days off. To be honest  don’t know how many days its been but its been enough.

So here is the run down

We played in the snow, ok the kids did, I watched and took the pictures

We made snowmen, ok I supplied the mittens and hat

We made Snow Ice Cream- yum!20140303-214347.jpg

We went sledding- we all enjoyed this fun!

We made forts inside

We played with toys


We read book

We watched tv and movies

We colored the snow with squirt bottles filled with food coloring and water

We napped

We all did some screaming….hey it happens.

We had fun, but we also missed work and school, friends and colleagues, running outside and leaving the house. So with all that said its time for winter to go.  Come on spring and playing outside with out a million layers


I will also admit, I love tv, some of the big snow days happened while the Olympics were on, it was a dream come true to me. I have also watched a ton of tv shows,  found more shows to binge watch but I have watched too much.

What fun have you done in the snow? Are you done with winter yet?



  1. I keep hearing about all these snow days and it seems like way more this year than the past couple winters.

    • Its been crazy, but after fairly calm winters since 2010, I knew it was bound to happen 😉

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