Four things I thankful for

Seems like forever since I blogged for real but this is my second post of the week! Today for thankful Thursday I have picked four things that have helped me this week. On Tuesday our house got broken into and that is what drives this post.

1: My family- my kids, my husband and my dad who lives near by. It’s very unsettling knowing your own home was broken into by someone you don’t know.  I am so thankful my dad lives near by and let me bring the kids over to get them away from the unpleasant scenario while my husband and I dealt with the mess.


My bed, they just dumped everything on my bed, while the person did take some jewelry they didn’t take much. I am just bummed that a ring I was planning on passing down to my daughter was one item.

2: My friends- I have my best friend who pretty much rocks, my coworkers also who totally rock and my runner partner. Seriously when your feeling down about anything they have all been there to make me smile and laugh. Today one co workers brought me two small sandwich bags of coins for my kids. (the intruder broke my kids piggy banks and stole their money, who steals from kids??)


This kids piggy banks smashed. Oh and my broken brush. Honestly who steals money from kids?? My co worker has supplied new coins and that made me super happy this morning!

3: Social media- Seems to cheesy to say but with out Twitter and Instagram I wouldn’t have the motivation to get out and run, and better myself. 

4: Running- While I got the initial bad news about my house being broken into on a run, I was able to have a kick ass run date with my hubby today. I love that we can do this together, we needed it this week and I am thankful we had the time to do it.


Post run smiles. While I love to take post run selfies, my husband is not always a fan but he was more then willing to provide a nice smile for me today! He pretty much rocks!

What do you have to be thankful for this week??


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  1. OMG, I can’t even imagine. That is horrible about the house being broken into. I am sorry you and your family had to go through that but glad you have awesome support to help you through it.

    And yay for run dates with the hubs!

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