Great week of training…finally!!

Last week was probably the best week inky 10 miler training so far. The weather finally allowed me to run outside all 4 times, my schedule was good, and I actually wanted to run. It’s kinda sad the a month into 10 miler training I had a good week.


Even with all the snow on my running path, I was able to run in short sleeves!!

I’m not gonna lie…this winter has been rough, I have had like zero motivation to get my runs in but I keep at it. I know this means I have no right to get pissed when my race doesn’t go as planned but I am still working at this whole thing. Ok yes, this is my 3 yr of running, I have trained for several races, but this is the first winter where I haven’t been injured. So getting into longer miles during the winter has been rough. Plus my running partners have been either injured themselves or can’t come because no one to watch the kids. I mean seriously woah is me. Haha. Oh well hopefully with this good week behind me, I will continue to be just as successful.

How do you get over a training slump??



  1. I’m totally with you that this winter I have actually been trying to do more and of course the weather just doesn’t help. The last few years I didn’t train nearly as much in the winter, and dear lord this year is just really testing my limits! Glad you were able to get some runs outside in, hopefully the weather gets better and STAYS better soon!

    • I am really looking forward to some much nicer weather. Not necessarily too warm but no snow and ice would be nice!

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