Thankful Thursday!

Haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought some thankful thoughts would be a way to get back into the swing of things. These are in no particular order but today I have a whole bunch of random things I am grateful/ thankful for!

I am thankful for work. We had a snow day yesterday (actually its was more of an ice day) but I don’t even know the last time we have made it through a week of school without a delay or day off. This winter has been a bit brutal. We have had 5 days off work so far and its just the beginning of February.

I am thankful for my hair cut. I got  my hair cut for the first time since June, and it felt amazing. Little bummed it wasn’t from my normal stylist, she is currently out on maternity leave but my hair is so much healthier now!

I am thankful for the Olympics.  Yay the Olympics starts tonight and I am exicted to watch. I have always loved watching then and was very fortunate to go the the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

I am thankful for running. This week I was able to get two runs outside. This crazy weather has made my weekday runs tricky. I love getting outside and feel the wind in my face, makes me feel alive.

So that’s it. A few things that have made my week. I am looking forward to another relaxing weekend, no big plans.

What are you thankful for??


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  1. I am thankful for a weekend to relax a bit. I was so busy and exhausted this week that I really enjoyed some downtime. I didn’t go out at all and played hermit on my couch with movies at night, it was amazing.

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