Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Four things I thankful for

Seems like forever since I blogged for real but this is my second post of the week! Today for thankful Thursday I have picked four things that have helped me this week. On Tuesday our house got broken into and that is what drives this post. 1: My family- my kids, my husband and my …

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Great week of training…finally!!

Last week was probably the best week inky 10 miler training so far. The weather finally allowed me to run outside all 4 times, my schedule was good, and I actually wanted to run. It’s kinda sad the a month into 10 miler training I had a good week. I’m not gonna lie…this winter has …

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Thankful Thursday!

Haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought some thankful thoughts would be a way to get back into the swing of things. These are in no particular order but today I have a whole bunch of random things I am grateful/ thankful for! I am thankful for work.¬†We had a snow day yesterday (actually its …

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