Seeing yourself in your Daughter

I have this amazing daughter that I love with all my heart but it absolutely kills me that she is struggling in school. It’s not because she is struggling but it’s the fact  she gets it from me. I had a very hard time in school, I spent endless hours crying over work, and saying I wasn’t smart enough and it’s the one thing I wish she didn’t get for me. Most of you would probably not even know I struggled in school but its probably one of my biggest insecurities I have about myself.

Lilly has the most wonderful teacher and has met with us several time about ways to help her so I know she is doing ok and making improvements but it’s hard to see. This morning I sat and  watched her get a speech evaluation, and I could see her get frustrated, and annoyed and wonder why this is all happening. I also saw moments of brilliance and pride. After this is all done I know she won’t even think about it. She probably had the most wonderful day at school, playing with her friends and I probably won’t  here another thing about it until we have to go back on Wednesday to finish up, but it was still hard to watch.

So for now I just wait, and let my awesome daughter enjoy her time at school, because she loves it, she wants to go all the time, she loves that she gets special tutoring, she loves that I spend extra time with her helping her read, she is great, so I need to stop obsessing about her and continue to praise what an awesome 6 year old daughter I have. She is not me and while I see lots of myself in her, she is her own person. Rock on Lilly because I know you will!!


I was able to watch through a two way mirror.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Do you see yourself in your child?


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