Cleaning out my old bedroom

To summarize, my dad is having his girlfriend move in with him. Us four kids haven’t lived in that house in years, it really hasn’t changes all that much from when I moved out to when my mother died 5 years ago. So with the new girlfriend moving in, we had all been asked to come over get what we would want and the rest would be taken care of.

I will say the email to us telling us his girlfriend was moving in was a bit shocking I would have loved a phone call, but I have no problem with her moving in. Let’s face it, she make him happy, it’s a huge house and needs someone in there to make some changes. I will be a little selfish and say I want the house, but looks like I have a few more years until that’s gonna happen :/

Like I said before I haven lived in that house in years, a good 12 years and really it was a good 4 years before that. So things that were in my closest not anything I can currently wear, including my beloved Doc Martens, things in my desk, were old, papers, letters and magazines from high school. It was a huge trip down memory lane. I laughed and welled up a little bit. I found letters my mom wrote to me, I found pictures from the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, I found college pictures, I found a notebook full of quotes, lots of useless information and numbers to boys I don’t even remember. Who keeps calendars from 1994-1997?? That being said, I packed up a box worth of stuff and said good bye to the old me. Sounds so cliche, but I not that person anymore. I have my own family, a house full of all my stuff and a life that’s full of new passions.alg-dr-martens-jpg

Whenever I got to my parents old house I will refer to my dads gf’s office as my bedroom, I will probably totally weirded out when I see it all transformed but it was bound to happen. I guess it’s all about growing up and moving on. I am happy to say I have taken some memorable things from my bedroom along with crazy things that just make me laugh. I am going to get three pieces of furniture from this move too. The desk that was in my room and some items that where in my one brothers room. So all in all this is a good thing for my dad.

Some questions for you. Have you had to do this? What do you do with your old things? Do you have a hope chest?


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