So I have been working on getting more organized. Part of the process is to cook dinner. I seriously hate cooking. I don’t get any enjoyment out of this at all but we need to eat. So naturally I have found a whole bunch of easy recipes that aren’t the healthiest. After talking to my hubby we are going to try and overall our meals. I have to get over my hatred of cooking.

If I want to be healthy then I have to make changes. So over then next couple of months I will be trying new recipes. I’m taking it slow so I don’t overwhelm myself and kill my grocery bill.

A few things I hope to start making are smoothies in the morning, using more quinoa, expanding my use of different veggies.


So here’s my question for you? How do you find healthy easy meals? What are your go to’s? Links to recipes would be welcomed 🙂



  1. I usually just buy things i can through together quickly after work. Rice, veggie steamer bags, and lean turkey meatballs are my current go to foods.

  2. I’m not much of a cooker, either. Most of the recipes I find are from an actual cookbook, blogs (How Sweet It Is – – is a go-to for me), and Pinterest. My husband and I recently started picking up a free magazine from Giant Food that has some healthy recipes in it. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the link!! I will have to take a look at Giant next time I go!

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