How did I do??

I think I will give my self a solid B for the week. Here you can read about my attempt to get more organized.


Having everyone’s outfits planned for the week, so nice. I didn’t have to think once about what I was wearing or the kids and then getting then dressed in the morning such a breeze! Only once was I not really pleased with my outfit but one out of five isn’t bad. This kids didn’t complain. I think even my husband liked it because it meant I wasn’t upstairs forever!

Lunches, well I did mine but didn’t help all that much with the kids. Dinner was a little better. We had meals planned until Thursday and I wasn’t thrilled with what we had. So we ate out and Friday we did again, but that was planned. I hope this week will be better. I made more of a menu and it helps that it’s Lil’s birthday too.

Working out, while I didn’t spell it out, I ran or did some sort of workout 6 out of 7 days. I am proud of myself for doing it and that included two treadmill runs. I haven’t run on a treadmill in over a year and well they never went well. So last week I got a total of 6.3 miles on a treadmill and one outside. Go me!


I am hoping this week goes as well. How was your week??



  1. Great job! I like doing the meals & clothes ahead of time. It really does make you feel more in control.

    • Who knew that these small changes would make it all that easier!

  2. Awesome job. The treadmill is so tough. Great job sticking it out.
    Last week I would get a B+, this week…. I better get going or I am gonna end up with a C-

    • Yay for a B+ but I’m at C for this week, I need to get moving!! 😉

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