A more organized week…I hope!

Today is back to normal. The kids and hubby have been off for two weeks for their winter break. I went back to work last Thursday but due to the weather we have been experiencing in Baltimore, I had off on Friday. While I love my time off it had been a long break. My youngest really needed to go back to daycare, he is good with naps and a schedule and without those, he was a mess!

So this weekend, I was trying to figure out a way to get us more organized as a whole. I know I waste a lot of time in the mornings and then I’m rushing out the door. Since we are a one car family, we have to leave at the same time. Not to much of a big deal since my husband and kids get dropped off at one place and then I travel down the road ten minutes and I am at work. If we are running behind by even 5 minutes it means that I am getting to work way later then I should and my hubby then gets no time in the morning to set up, which has been the way for most of the year.

So in my attempt to make things go better, I am starting off with me. I have recently started to shower in the evenings and let my hair naturally dry. Then in the morning I can either put it up or use the flat iron. There are some mornings I do run, but most of the time I have been doing my runs in the evening. This week, I got all my clothes out for the week. So I don’t spent half of my time trying to figure out what I am going to wear. Bonus that all my clothes were clean! My work environment is very casual which I love because if I had to dress nice everyday it would be a struggle. Second time waster in the morning is my lunch. I am going to do a way better job of packing mine the night before. Its so much easier when I just have to put the fridge items in my lunch bag and refill my water bottle then having to prep the whole lunch.

For the kids, I did this when they were younger but stopped but I would get their clothes out for the week.  While my almost 6 yr old is picky about her clothes I hope this will save us time. I can have her pre plan her outfits so I am not constantly asking if she wants a skirt/ dress/ pants or leggings to wear (not looking forward to teenage years).  The boy is a little more relaxed about what he wears but if I can sell him on the fun undies I have picked out it seems to go smoother!

Home life, I will admit I hate cooking and a going to the grocery store, but it has to get done. I hope to get my meal planning better. There are some things my hubby cooks really well and things I do, so I am going to try and make it more fair. We are busy people and with two young kids and little time, we often resort to sandwiches on nights we don’t have time. I know I (we) can do better. Starting next week, I hope to have this up and running. Thank you Pinterest and a few blogs I read this will get better. Work outs, since hubby and I are both runners, we constantly have to figure out who is running and when. This does take some planning but for the most part it works, I also hope that if the weather is bad and I am still able to get to work I can utilize the treadmill at work. I have to learn to except that I might have to do treadmill runs.

So I am hoping all these things work out. Look out for a follow up post on how I am doing.


What do you to make your week more organized?? Do you have an tips to share?


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