A year in a few Pictures….2013

A little fun from our trip to the Rehoboth Beach, DE. We only stayed for two days but we packed a lot of fun into those few days. Always great to tag along with my bestie and her boys. .

Me and Ben on our wedding day. I love this picture, I am clearly so happy and I love how Ben is looking at me.


Our anniversary 10 years later. I was so happy I was able to surprise my hubby with a night away. He had no idea what we were going to do. 10 years later, we own a house, have the same jobs we have now and have two wonderful kids.


My baby started Kindergarten….how am I old enough to have a child in Kindergarten?!?! This still baffles my mind, clearly I am in denial that they just get older each year 🙂


My little man, fresh hair cut and his puma shirt. Puma shirt, Panther shirt…. (Gravity Falls reference)


The best time of the year (well for running) The Baltimore Running Festival. My best and favorite running partners. Team Save the Word Like a Boss, took on the marathon relay, we crushed it with a final time of  4:28.22, pretty awesome if you ask me! I loved running as Captain America through the streets of Baltimore. Fun little tid bit, I made the Dole Facebook page that day!


Here are me and my girls in Gettysburg. I highly recommend this half marathon. We got to explore some of the battle grounds, had some good food and had fun. Our second trip out of state for a half marathon. Second trip to Pennsylvania and lots of fun for all three of us.


Christmas at the in laws.


Last but not least my kiddos. We did a little shopping at Home Depot the other day and while they were not on their best behavior they sure are cute. Happy New Years everyone!!



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