2013…what a year

Here is the short and sweet of it, 2013 was a good year.   A few highlights, my running was pretty good, even with a rocky start, my eldest daughter started kindergarten, my youngest finally excepted that he has to get his hair cut (if you knew him, its  big deal), and my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!  So yes, it was a good year.  Since I didn’t start this blog until November this review might be longer then most.

Running Review:

Last January I went for a run right before my daughters 5th birthday and slipped and twisted my ankle trying to avoid some ice. So my new year wasn’t off to a good start. My ankle looked awful, I hobbled a half mile home, at my daughters birthday party at a bounce house, I hobbled around, the worst part it was pretty bad. I mean I have twisted my ankle several time but I actually went to the dr to get it looked at because it wasn’t feeling better. It just happened to be a very bad sprain and after two x-rays to confirm it, I just had to rest. So my winter running went to crap. All I wanted to do was run. My first race was going to be the Palmetto 200 relay in April, I wasn’t as prepared as I wanted to but what fun. First experience doing a relay and I loved it. I came back home after it and was super pumped about running and then the Boston Marathon bombing happened. My next couple of races had a whole new meaning behind them. I ran our local Sole of the City 10k in blue and yellow. I ran a horrible half marathon on my birthday as part of three races in 7 days to become a titanum girl. Love the idea, but awful race that I won’t do again. The following week, I ran a 5k and then half marathon to get my three medals to be that Titanium Girl. In June I ran a 5k with a co worker who ran her first 5k and she did great, hello she is now a super great runner! Summer training wasn’t super my feet gave me some trouble but I ran when I could. In August I ran a 5k in Ohio, while visiting the in-laws and low and behold got my self a shiny new PR. September I had some fun run/ races with my friend. A whole group of from work ran the Ravens Back to Football 5k, what a blast! Later that month me and my running partners went to Philly, while the race it self wasn’t great for me, we had a lot of fun in Philly. I love my running partners. October holds my favorite race of the year. The Baltimore Running Festival, this year I ran the relay with my girls. We dressed as super heroes and oh what fun! I ended the year with the Celtic Solstice, always a good race.

In 2013, I ran a total of 17 races, one 200 mile relay, 6 5k’s, 3 10k’s, 4 half marathons, one marathon relay, one 5 miler, and one 12 miler. Total miles of racing was around 130. I came away with a PR’s in the 5k, 10k, 5 miler and 12 miler, I did good!

Family Review:

My kids, they have been a so much fun this year, its so great to see how they have grown. My husband is a pretty amazing artist and my daughter Lilly has completely got his talent, this girl could draw and create things for days. Last spring her art as well as her classmates was show in the whole school art show. I was one proud momma. Cole my little man said good bye to Baby Friend (his daycare) it was weird to not have a child of mine there. Now a big three year old he moved up to Little Friend (the whole daycare now is called Little Friends). This summer he potty trained and while we are still working on night training, its a start. Lilly potty trained late, but quickly, Cole trained early but it taking his sweet ole time!

This fall it was time for another year of school. My baby, well my eldest Lilly started Kindergarten, I can’t believe it. Her teacher is great and luckily has been working with us and Lilly to help her academically. When I was first told she needed help it freaked me out but I know things will be fine in the end, and hopefully with some information after a speech eval, we can work on helping her get where she should be academically. At the same time this was happening my little man was in a rough spot but he pulled it together. I mean why would hitting his teacher and spitting on them be ok?? Thank god he turned it around because this momma can only handle so much! This is also when he finally decided that he would let us cut his hair. My hubby cuts his hair, while this makes the most sense since he doesn’t like new people, we thought it would be easy. Well no, he would fight his hair being cut and it was a disaster every time, but I was heading home from race and I walk into him getting his hair cut because he asked for it! Big deal I tell ya!

Last but not least, I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary!! What, I can’t believe it. It makes me feel old and young all at the same time. I planned a night away with my hubby and he had no idea. It wasn’t anything big, because well that not really our style but a night away was perfect. I left him notes that week, of memories and some hints of what he would need for our night out. Friday June 28, we headed downtown stopped at hotel and then headed to Camden Yards for a baseball game. The Orioles beat the Yankees that night. We ate ball park food, and then headed to bar afterwards for some beers. It was a nice night away including us both sleeping in and then breakfast at a diner the next morning.

Over all I couldn’t have asked for a better year. Look for my next post, it will be pictures!! So how did your 2013 end up??


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