My Staycation!

This past week I had a week off from work, and since we don’t really ever go on vacation I did a staycation with my family. I don’t even know the last time we were all home. So what did I do??

Sunday: I started off with me volunteering for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k. The BWC is one of the largest all women’s 5ks and what a wonderful race it is. This is the first time in the past 4 years I haven’t run but I was able to be there. I realized a couple months ago I wasn’t going to run so I decided I would go help out. I picked the finish line to help out with. I prepped the medals to hand out and was able to hand out roses to all the finishers. I also got to see Sarah and finally meet Stacey. I had a lot of fun but in all honesty I missed running, so next year expect me to be running the race. I will have to find some other race to volunteer.

My volunteer duties. The picture does no justice to the flowers, they were so pretty!

My volunteer duties. The picture does no justice to the flowers, they were so pretty!

Monday: We did a family trip to Hammerman Beach. It is a local beach that is a part of Gunpowder Falls State Park. The kids loved the water and playing in the sand, hubby got some drawing in and I enjoyed catching some rays and playing with my kids.

Tuesday: Also know as run around day. Lilly had tutoring, I got my hair cut, Lilly got her hair cut and I finally got my MRI. All things that needed to be done but I felt like I was in the car a lot!

Wednesday: We went to DC. We didn’t tell the kids about the trip but we have been talking for months about taking the train and we finally did. Of course it was the hottest day of the week and so humid but we made the best of it. We spent a lot of time in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and also stopped at the National Museum of the American Indian. All the planes were so awesome to see and Cole loved it.

Our DC trip in a nutshell! Clockwise from the top waiting at the train station, outside the Union Station, space suite, Cole passed out on the train home, and the Capitol.

Our DC trip in a nutshell! Clockwise from the top waiting at the train station, outside the Union Station, space suite, Cole passed out on the train home, and the Capitol.

Thursday: We all kind of needed to recover from being out in the heat so we stayed in. I spent most of the day cleaning and organzing. Not always an easy task with two kiddos running round. I also watched the USA v. Germany game. While there was no win, we managed to advance! Yay go team USA!

Friday: Was more of a relaxed day but fun. We took the kids on our walk date path. We hit up the local Starbucks then went to small grocery store to pick up a few items, then went to the children book store. It is small local store and they always have a great collection of books and well my kids love books. After the book store we walked on on this small trail to the bookstore. It was a nice trip and the kids always enjoy getting books and toys. We closed the day out with ice cream after dinner. What a way to end the week!

Fun Friday!

Fun Friday!

Saturday: It started a nice lazy morning and then I went to Old Navy. Crazy idea when they were having their $1 flip flops. I went in for shorts and got them but it took all to long. When I got home I fed the kids and we headed downtown to play in the fountains. We all got to hang out with our best friends. After a couple hours we came home so I could get read to celebrate my 11 year  anniversary. 11 years married to my man, and wow I still can’t believe it’s been that long. We went to dinner, had sushi and finally saw X-Men Days of Future Past. I had a great night out and didn’t take any pics worth posting. Boo 😉

Fountain fun! Lilly taking control of the water, the kiddos, Cole cheesin' and me and my bestie!

Fountain fun! Lilly taking control of the water, the kiddos, Cole cheesin’ and me and my bestie!

Overall I am so happy with my staycation. I love the beach and want to go so maybe next year but I am glad I was able to have so much time with my family. My husband is lucky to stay home with the kids this summer (he might not say he is lucky but he is!) so it was a lot of fun having a whole week with them.


Have you ever done a Staycation? What would you do around your town? 


Friday Five- June 27th

Again I am linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, Cynthia from You signed for what? and Mar from Mar on the Run! to do another Friday Five! This weeks ‘five’ are things about ME!


1. I am adopted– I am one of four children that my parents adopted. I am also the oldest. None of us are biologically related and I am the only one who was adopted form outside of the country. I am from Ecuador, but really have no desire to go back and visit. I am horrible at Spanish, but its pretty cool that I am part Inca Indian.

I was born in Guyaquil, Ecuador. Adopted at 5 months old and brought to Maryland by my parents.

I was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Adopted at 5 months old and brought to Maryland by my parents.

2. I played sports in college– I was a two sport athlete in college, well for one year. I played both field hockey and lacrosse for Ohio Wesleyan University my freshman year and only lacrosse for the remaining three years. I really enjoyed playing sports and college and probably where I really enjoyed running the most but it was only up and down a field but I was fast at that point in my life.

Me my senior year of college 2001. Can't really tell but look I had both ankles taped, seriously did my ankle ever not bother me?!

Me my senior year of college 2001. Can’t really tell but look I had both ankles taped, seriously did my ankle ever not bother me?!

3. I have been married for almost 11 years– Tomorrow Ben and I will celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary! Its crazy to think I have been married that long, but it is true. It is our steel anniversary and thanks to a twitter follower I have a great idea for a present for Ben. We don’t go over the top but he definitely deserves a little something. Other then that we are going to dinner and a movie. Oh the life of a married couple with two young kids.


A picture of a picture! I love this picture of us! 11 years ago!

4. I am a sports fan–  I love the Olympics, I have to admit I am loving the World Cup, and don’t even get me started on Ravens football. I am full of home town pride so I will cheer for any Maryland team, but when Ohio State comes to play Navy in football in August I will cheer for OSU, because thanks to my husband he has converted me.

I love the Ravens!

I love the Ravens!

5. I love nail polish– I am kind of obsessed. I love to do my nails and I do mine every week, on occasion I will splurge and get a gel manicure but I mostly do my own. I have more then 30 colors, I haven’t actually counted recently but is a lot. If you ever see me and I don’t have my nails done then something is seriously wrong, they are always painted.

This isn't mine it very well could be mine. You want a color there is a good chance I have it.

This isn’t mine but it very well could be mine. You want a color there is a good chance I have it.

Learn anything fun about me? Tell me something about you??

Where have I been??

So another month has passed by and no blogging for me. What the heck happened? Here is the short and sweet of it I got injured, I didn’t run,  I did run, I got injured again, I did run a 10 miler and finished another school year.

Here is the down low on the injury that I know of. Way back in March I was at work wearing my dansko clogs, because they are my supportive shoe to help the PF, well they also cause me to roll over in them. Well I did that and really thought nothing of it. My ankle was a little achy but nothing to be alarmed by. Then comes April and I was on spring break, I was out running with my bestie, and I had just gotten new shoes (Brooks) and we are almost 2 miles into a 5 mile run and I roll my ankle on some horrible large seeds that I call pokey balls. Wham, I am down and I am down for good. We had to walk the almost 2 miles back and then swelling just got worse as the day went on. I stopped running for a week, but needed to get back into some sort of training because I had a 10 miler, 10k and a half all coming up. I managed to run all these races with no problem, just made sure I used KT tape to help support and I was good. It was weird, I was all bruised but no pain while running. I had a tender spot. Then low and behold 4 days after the Frederick Half marathon I did my first training run with ASA ( Athletes Serving Athletes) and 2 miles in my ankle gaves out on me and I am no good. I had to make the extremely hard decision to have my first DNS at the Maryland 5k with ASA that following Saturday. I went to the doctor, got an xray, took three weeks off of running.

These are the cause of al my problems!

These are the cause of all my problems!


Me and my bestie, I just had to add a picture of us 🙂


What my foot looked like for 3 weeks…BOO

Those three weeks, seemed like the longest ever. I walked but rested my ankle. I was not thrilled with this whole no running since I had the Baltimore 10 miler I was looking forward to running. So those three weeks ended I began to run, well sorta, I had lost all sorts of anything I had. I also called an ortho and got an appointment, as directed my primary care physcian. I ran the B10 and while it was the worst 10miler I have run but I finished. All along I knew that I needed an MRI and when the ortho who I saw told me it was no surprise. He did see a little something on the x-rays but needed an MRI to make sure and with these resutls I will hear my outcome. On one hand I am happy to finally get some answers and on the other hand I am watching all my plans for fall running go out the window, which is kind of upsetting. However to be nice and healthy running is what I ultimately want, so whatever the outcome is I will take it.


Post Baltimore 10 miler with the hubby!


This is how I run now, ok I have officially switched back to Saucony. Yes I know these are Brooks, but hey I am trying to get blog post out!

All this happened and I and my kids finished another school year. Yay, and wow how did that happen so fast? Where has the time gone? The transition from winter to spring seemed like an eternity while the jump from spring to summer went so fast! Slow down, I would really like to enjoy my time with my family!

 So what have you all been up to? 

Oh that’s right I have a blog!

Huge blog fail. It all started when I had to do a recap for Cherry Blossom 10 miler…yup that didn’t happen. So later this week look for that recap in pictures followed by my Sole of the City 10k recap in pictures.

So now it’s May and I’m starting fresh. I think I need a better plan for blogging. Old plan didn’t work.

What’s a blog post without any pictures. Just a few pics of my kiddos, because I think they are cute!! These are from our trip to the zoo Easter morning.


Lilly collecting eggs!


Cole tried to hold all his eggs but needed some assistance from dad.

How do you plan blog posts?? Do you make sure you post x amount during the week?

Friday Five- April 11th

Again I am linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, Cynthia from You signed for what? and Mar from Mar on the Run! to do another
“Free” Friday Five! This weeks ‘five’ are things I have planned for my spring break!


  1.  Run with my bestie!! So two years ago during my spring break I decided we should run together, well it’s now our thing. I am pretty darn excited about it.IMG_3924
  2.  Pedicure with my bestie!! Last year post run date, we got pedicures and man it was one of the best I have ever gotten. So clearly I am making it part of the tradition.
  3.  Sort the kids clothes- not exciting but it must be done. At ages 3 and 6 my kids go through clothes like no tomorrow and it’s time to contain the mess. It’s also going to mean I will have to go shopping. Kids stop growing!!
  4.  Watch TV- so I love TV like I love tv, it’s not a great habit but I do love to watch. Best part I am not even going to feel guilty about it!imgres
  5. Do good- My moms birthday was April 21st. To honor my mom I plan on doing some good for others. This year Lilly is going to help me. I don’t have an specifics on what I’m going to do but I plan on having fun.

While I don’t have a long spring break thanks to snow make up days, but I hope to enjoy my time off work.

Do you make specific plans for your days off? Do you have a guilty pleasure??

Friday Five- April 4th

How is it already Friday? So this is my first time doing this but I joined up with blogger Courtney from Eat, Pray, Run DC to do Friday Five!  This weeks theme was free, what does that mean? Good question, I don’t really know so I’m taking it as things that excite me!



1. Cherry Blossom– this weekend I’m running Cherry Blossom 10 miler! It’s the first time this year me and my running partners will run together but we all won’t be running the 10 miler together. Tiffany is still kinda injured and Soup can’t really so the run/walk method but we all will be staying in a hotel together and we sure will have tons of fun.

2. Racing- so I’m pretty excited that this race also kinda brings on race season. I’m going to use the term race loosely because I don’t race. I run in races and try and do well but I’m not really racing anyone 🙂
3. Spring- I think Spring has finally arrived. I’m sue there will be plenty of rain but the temperature is on the rise and my daughters lacrosse has started so it’s spring to me!
4. My birthday- I love April because it holds my birthday. I am not however a fan of how old I am turning but I’m going to turn it around and make the best out of it.
5. Marathon training- scary but true, I have been thinking tons about this. Can I run another marathon? Will it be like last time? Will I train like last time, and who will run with me? All these things swirling around in my head which leads me to a lot of unknown but everything leading me to just go for it. So I’m like 85% sure I will be running the Baltimore Marathon this fall! Eek!


Yes it says 2013 but mine will say 2014! EEKK!

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed my Friday Five! Have a wonderful weekend.

Have you ever joined up with bloggers to do posts? How did I do??

Mission 10 Miler

Race number two of the year! Lets go back to two Sundays ago, I ran a pretty awesome 8 miles and while I knew I could get to 10 miles I knew it wasn’t going to be my best attempt. Race week, what happened I didn’t run once, OMG, what! I have never done that. I didn’t want to run in the rain so I didn’t, I didn’t want to run because work kicked my rear, I didn’t want to run because sometimes being a women sucks, get the picture I didn’t want to run. Never good going into a race week. Last Tuesday, the race director sent and email, subject “Sunny and 60…” um I do believe that email jinxed everything!

Race day weather was not 60 and sunny at all. Starting Friday its time to check the weather for race day. Yup, it wasn’t looking good. 60% chance of rain and mid 40’s, not too terrible but not ideal. Saturday it poured pretty much the entire day and the forecast for the 2pm start time on Sunday was 40’s with a feels like 30 and 90% rain. Guess what… that’s what happened and more. Driving from Baltimore to Frederick takes about an hour and I was getting tweets from friends it was hailing! WTF?? I was already questioning what I was about to do but since my running partner is driving me and spectating I had to run. I am also that stubborn! I make up my mind and yup its going to happen.

The race is only in its third year, so its small. They did offer packet pick up day of the race, which is nice because I didn’t want to drive just get my bib and shirt to turn around and go back the next day. Ok back to the race. On my ride to the race, my twitter was blowing up with my tweeps informing they were there or almost there and how awful it was outside. I wasn’t pumped but once I got there I got the and feel of race time excitement. Come on I know you all get that feeling! I ran to the tent in the rain, picked up my bib and timing chip and meet up with Tracey and Becky. Tracey and I work together and Becky and I have been on friends on Twitter but this was the first time meeting. Naturally we had to complain about the weather and then we all enjoyed looking at our Sparkle Athletic Skirts. We rocked them!  I wasn’t in my running shoes I had to go back to the car and change and make a decision on my clothes. It was pouring and I didn’t think my light pull over was a right decision, so I kept my windbreaker/ rain coat on and if at 5 miles I was to hot or whatever I would give it to Tiffany.  I took my ENERGYbits and changed my shoes and I went back to the tent.


All 550 runners waited until the last-minute to exit the tent, when it was time we lined up and waited for the go. It wasn’t pleasant at all. Down pour and it was windy and cold. It had been sleeting but honesty I didn’t even care, I knew I was going to get wet so I just went with it.


In my head I was hoping for 1:45 time but after the first mile I was going to be ok with any sub 2hr. I had decided that I would walk at water stops but the first one came up so quickly I wasn’t ready to walk so I skipped it but made sure I thanked the volunteers. I took my first walk break about 2.65 miles and at 3 miles and I was soaked and cold. I decided I would take water at the next stop and walk next at five-mile mark. Tiffany mentioned she would see me at mile 5 but when I got to the turn around I didn’t see her. I was going to take the rest of my ENERGYbits at the half way point too. Well the nice wonderful tin they come in isn’t easy to open when you are soaked and hands don’t work. I grabbed water thinking it wouldn’t be a problem but I was struggling. So I wasted a good three minutes trying to open the tin. Oh well I got a nice walk break in and I was ready to tackle the second half. I saw Tiffany at mile 6, it was a nice pick me up. I of course liked to smile for the camera but clearly it was a lame attempt, because I was soaked.


The next two miles I kept chasing a women in a red coat, she didn’t know it but she was keeping me on pace. By mile 8.36 I was kind of done. I started walking more than I wanted but cold and wet. I looked at my time on my watch and was presently surprised. I wasn’t far off from where I wanted to be but I knew I wasn’t going to reach my goal time and I was ok with that. Overall I felt great. In case you missed it I really enjoyed trying ENERGYbits and they kept me going with no stomach pain! I got to bridges that I tried to run up but I just couldn’t. I finally saw the final water stop and knew I was close. I did walk through it, but I knew I could make it to the end. I loved the final spectators cheering us runners on.


I saw the checker flags and I had done it. Best part of ending was they called my name…I know its kinda of silly and I thought for sure they wouldn’t know who I was since my number was covered due to my coat still on but my chip must have come up and there I was! I was happy to finish with a chip time of 1:51:13. Mylar blankets were ready and waiting and I had a wonderfully nice man hand me my medal. I managed to get to the tent and all I wanted to be was dry. I got some food, chatted with my friend, waited to see if I could get my official time and headed back to the car. I couldn’t hang out I was so cold. Besides the horrible conditions it was a great race. Friendly volunteers, plenty of food, twitter, FB and email interactions were all very pleasant. I will for sure do this one again, just never again in those conditions!

What has been your worst race conditions?

Energy bits Review

A couple of weeks ago during #runchat I was chatting with a few of my tweeps about ENERGYbits. I have been following them for a while and have always been interested in their product. I have a few twitter peeps who are ambassador’s and was getting ready to order a sample, when ENERGYbits contacted me and offered to send me some to try to review. So while I was given these bits to try these opinions are my own.

My first experience was wonderful. I wasn’t sure how they would react to my stomach, for some reason when I run I seem to get a sensitive stomach and to much of something things just make me hurt. I set out to do 8 miles for the day but I had to run 3 miles solo before my running partner could make it. She is coming back from injury, so we had planned to do 5 miles with a run/ walk intervals. So after my 3 I stopped at my house on took half of a severing. I knew I could go 8 without too much fuel so it was a great test. The smell is strong but nothing I can’t get past. I put them in my mouth and took a large swig of water and down they went. By this time my friend was here and we were off.

I felt pretty good and the run/ walk intervals always help. We kept a steady pace and when we got to mile 3 my mile 6, I knew it would be a turning point. We made it to mile 4, my mile 7 and I will still feeling great. When the run was almost done, I decided to see how much I had left in the tank. Surprisingly I had plenty. I was able to pick up the pace for the last .25 to the end. When we were done, I felt like I could have gone another mile or so. It had been a long time since I had run 8 miles and I was feeling great. I couldn’t believe it. I fully expected to feel tired and needing to stop.

Two hours post run, I was still feeling great. I had only taken half of what they had recommend and was so pleased with this. I knew I was going to keep the rest and keep them for my ten-mile race in a few weeks. (FYI best decision ever, post to come later).  So I am a fan, I will most likely be ordering and luckily I have some ambassador tweeps and can get a great discount.

Here are the facts that were given to me from the brand manager.

ENERGYbits is a new Boston based sports nutrition company. Our “bits” are rapidly becoming the fuel of choice for athletes and people looking to lead active lifestyles. ENERGYbits have the highest concentration of protein in the world and deliver a steady stream of energy, all naturally and all without sugar, caffeine, chemicals or stomach distress. Even better, ENERGYbits are the only protein in the world that also contain natural antioxidants and Omega 3 which reduce muscle inflammation, iron which prevents fatigue, chlorophyll which builds the immune system and electrolytes which replenish mineral imbalances, all for just one calorie per tab. No other protein offers all this.
ENERGYbits are all natural too, because they are a food, not a supplement. They have just one ingredient – 100% organically grown spirulina algae. Algae has been used by Olympic athletes for over 50 years, but is still virtually unknown in the USA and Canada. We are the first company to bring algae to national attention as a high protein, high performance snack food for athletes and active consumers.

Here is a comparison chart on ENERGYbits vs. other energy, protein or low calorie snacks.

Here is a comparison chart on ENERGYbits vs. other energy, protein or low calorie snacks.

To find out more you can find ENERGYbits here:

Twitter: @ENERGYbits



Have you heard of ENERGYbits? Do have fuel that just works well for you?

Running Bucket List

During last weekends #runchat a question came up about race bucket lists. If you have never hear of #runchat check this out. My response was I like local races and I don’t have one. However that got me thinking. Should I have a race bucket list?? What races do I need to run?? Should it have marathons, half marathons, 10ks, what should it look like?


I can’t stop thinking about it. With Marine Corps Marathon emailing lottery winners and The Chicago Marathon opening their lottery it’s been on my mind. There are a few races I would love to do but at this point are out because I can’t afford them, so I guess that’s were I should start.

Next I guess it would have to be races that are popular and have a good reputation.

Lastly would probably be international races, hey why not, it’s my race bucket list!

I clearly have lots to think about this, it’s going to be a little project I work on for the remaining of the year. Maybe I should work on my life bucket list too 😉

Do you have a race bucket list? Anything I should check out?

Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5k

I ran my first race of the season, and that in its self is very exciting. I go to run downtown Baltimore which I also love and I got to run with one of my running partners. All great things. If you follow me on twitter  you might know I have been having some weird calf pain. I feel like I have knots all in my legs. With some help of #runchat tweeps I was able to get some of them out. A combo of heating and rolling with a lacrosse ball and foam roller have been a big help. SO needless to say all of my runs have been lame. Last week, I had a total of 5 miles, two runs including this race. Not a great week.

I have never run this 5k before, while I have heard it’s a great fun race, I just never really wanted to. One reason its huge, I mean they cap it 5,000 runners and it always sells out! I love to run local but it’s just to many, there are somethings that could make it better but I can now say I ran it and I am ok not doing it again, unless I get a free entry 😉


Waiting at the start, just a few of my closest running friends!

The race started at 1:15, well close enough to 1:15, while it wasn’t an ideal start time it did help I didn’t have to wake up early! I clearly can’t get up early to run these days. When we finally got to the start, I forgot to start my watch, I noticed when we were a good half mile into the race. I wanted to see how my pace was since I had to do a ton of bobbing and weaving. Like I said, tons of runners, which I knew would make my time slower but I was ok with it. Only goal was to finish and not to walk. The first part was down hill too, so it was a quick start.


I was a little late on the draw, I didn’t get my phone out fast enough to see the sea of green going down hill, but here is what I go. Still plenty of green to be seen!

Mile two was uneventful. Running down Key Highway, is flat and kinda boring. I started to feel little pain in the calf but I kept going. By mile three my leg was a hurting, so luckily I had .1 to go and I gave it all I had. So weird thing about this race the finish line was super packed, trying to weave through people at the end is just weird. I didn’t like it, and another reason, I will not run this race again. It shouldn’t be so crowded, I have run a few bigger races and this was just crazy. I don’t know it might have been me and the time we ended was a common time to end a 5k, but like I said not a fan.


Post race smiles. I wore my green, I ran a negative split race, and got a post race Shamrock Shake. All in all it was a good day!

Overall, I did well. Not my fastest 5k time but not my slowest. I ran the whole time, which I was worried about. Clearly I don’t know how I am going to get through my ten miler’s but I will worry about that another day. I would just like spring to come already!

Do you like big races?? Did you run a St. Patrick’s Day race?